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Τρίτη, 05 Σεπτέμβριος 2006
penguin greekLinux is : doctor tux
  • a free to use Operating System
  • faster
  • Very secure from virus spyware etc
  • no casual blue screens and hanging
  • with huge choice of all kinds of free gpl software
  • covering all software categories  
  • with great support for old and new hardware
  • same version can be used both as desktop and as server
  • supports multiple execution of processes in the best way with no tendency to hang
  • natively supports multiple users and data security
  • Includes dozens of languages and has the ability to use them in the same installation in a per user basis
  • It is the Operating system that powers 60% of the fastest 500 supercomputers in the world
  • it is the first choice to run on the most demanding servers of the biggest companies
  • provides various elegant working environments like KDE Gnome WindowMaker
  • it has a real 3D desktop (not like the alleged 3D of Vista) and wonderfull customizing tools  
  • It is shipped in hundrends of version for all tastes and uses
  • Live cd versions of linux have the ability to run from RAM without installation and on even 486 cpus
  • But above all it's reallyfun!!

    linux drinks microsoft juice
    tux gets billThe fact that it has not entered are house as much as it should, has to do with the vicious circle of software and hardware in the market. Microsoft having monopoly in software can setup the rules and drive everything according to itw interests. For how much loger? We will see. But we always have the possibility to make our choices towards a better Operating System!

    Below there are links to books, sites with free gpl software and also some notes for 3 major distributions.

    linux inside The 3 files SuseLinux.txt, DebianLinux.txt and MandrakeLinux.txt include various notes for configuration of KDE, applications, services, useful commands etc...
    They don't have a structure and the best way to find something is to search through a keyword like antivirus, greek, monitor, internet, modem, dns, dhcp etc
    linux inside

    Books and Rute are excellent! I suggest starting with since it is very easy to read. Rute is a more detailed manual for anyone who wants to learn the basics behind Linux.

    penguin rocker

    There are links to search machines for free gpl software for all rpm based distributions and for debian based (knoppix, mepis etc)


    linux the choice of a gnu generation

    linux powered

    fear the penguin

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